An AI-based poem about the Human Protein Atlas

In the spotlight


In the depths of our being,
A microscopic world we cannot see,
Where proteins reign supreme,
And bring us to our knees.

The Human Protein Atlas,
A treasure trove of information,
Shows us the complexity,
Of our cellular nation.

Each protein has a purpose,
A task it must perform,
To keep us healthy and strong,
And shield us from harm.

Some proteins build our muscles,
Others help us breathe,
Some regulate our hormones,
And make our bodies seethe.

The Human Protein Atlas,
A guidebook to our core,
Unravels the mysteries,
That we've never known before.

From skin to bones to organs,
Every cell is unique,
And the proteins they express,
Are the tools that they seek.

The Human Protein Atlas,
A wonder of science and art,
Unlocks the secrets within us,
And unlocks our very heart.


Chat GPT 2023