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Find the best human cell line model for your experiment


In a study published in Nature Communications, the expression of all human protein-coding genes in more than 1,000 human cell lines representing 27 cancer types was investigated using genome-wide transcriptomics analysis...Read more

Serum protein profiles to classify rheumatic diseases


In a recent publication in Journal of Proteome Research antibodies from the Human Protein Atlas was utilized in a microarray format for protein profiling of 960 serum samples within the context of rheumatic diseases...Read more

Next generation blood profiling shows stereotypic evolution pattern in extremely preterm infants


Being born too early can affect a baby's health. In a publication published in Communication Medicine, Zhong, Danielsson, Hellström and coworkers describes the proteins present in the blood in newborns from the day they were born until their original due date...Read more

Sequencing by synthesis and the next generation sequencing revolution


The impact of "next generation DNA sequencing" cannot be overestimated. The technology has transformed the field of life science, contributing to dramatic expansion in our understanding of human health and disease and our understanding of biology and ecology...Read more

Next generation pan-cancer blood proteome profiling using proximity extension assay


A comprehensive characterization of blood proteome profiles in cancer patients can contribute to a better understanding of the disease etiology, resulting in earlier diagnosis, risk stratification and better monitoring of the different cancer subtypes. In an article in Nature Communications, next generation protein profiling has been used to explore the proteome signature in blood across patients representing many of the major cancer types...Read more